I have safely arrived in Kigali.

I arrived at 7:50 pm local time.

It took three flights to get here; the connections were so close that I nearly missed my flight to Brussels (typical eh?)

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, has a population of an estimated 800,000 and will be my home for the near future.

The country has three seasons: little wet, big wet, and dry. Otherwise the temperature hovers between 20 and 27 Celsius.

Rwanda is overwhelmingly christian: 65% Roman Catholic, 19% Protestant, 1% Muslim, and the remaining 15% traditional religions (which according to most sources have incorporated some type of Christianity).

I arrived on the night Burkina Faso beat Rwanda 2-1 in the African U17 final. Although it was a loss for the country, our neighbors threw a loud enough party, which included some good old Kenny Chesney.

The currency is the Rwandan Franc, and exchange rate is 550 francs to 1 dollar. Today I shall exchange my money, buy a phone, and make friends.                                                                                                          Nothing too big.


I am happy to report a lack (thus far) of spiders anywhere near my person. I cannot guarantee an overall lack of spiders in the country, however, they have left me alone.

I am unhappy, however, to report a lack of public access to books. The library (which was started in 2006) is still unfinished. I cannot afford the imported books on my small budget. Nor can I afford cheese. Both of these losses are great indeed.


3 thoughts on “Stats

  1. Donna Specht says:

    Today is your first full day in Kigali – I’m just wondering how many new friends you’ve made, if your bed is comfortable and if you bought a mosquito net yet today, if the food is good and whether you are making your own meals, and, last, ITFOEACOTWTYKH (translated: If The Forces Of Evil Are Confused On The Way To Your Kigali Home).

    We’re thinking about you and are praying for your safety and good health in your new home.

    Donna Specht

  2. giraffeev says:

    I miss you, but happy that you are safe. I hope that we can find to skype each other sometime. Let me know ❤

  3. Elizabeth Scott says:

    Hello Hannah! Glad you made it safely and are settling into your new life. Blessings on you.

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