Life in the Fast Lane

I have been asked by several friends and family for more photos of what I do.

Honestly, it is not quite as exciting as the movies make it look. I teach English lessons in the mornings at a school a 20 minute walk away. I then return to my house to the tiny building attached to the side which doubles as the office and analyze participant responses or monitor the progression of AWFRI activities with their stated goals.

But nonetheless, I will document what my days largely consist of.

very engaging meeting indeed

Sitting in a meeting outlining As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative's mission statement and yearly goals

it's "m's" time! (or in this case n time...)

Mid-afternoon break. Here it is snack time, sometimes it is just 'raining too hard and I can't even hear myself think stopping time'

quite cozy

Staying true to why I am here. I spend lots of time with tea and my computer writing my observations and stories collected down so they may one day become something of value.

Welp folks, there you have it. Life in the fast-paced, cutthroat world of a start-up NGO in the middle of “Africa’s darling of the development world”.

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2 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. Jane Ricks says:

    Do I note a touch of sarcasm here? You’re doing a good thing, stay upbeat. I love you..GMJ

  2. Hannah Ricks says:

    Well I am a Ricks 🙂
    But sarcasm aside, I did just want to show what my day-to-day is actually like. I am learning lots, and being productive for sure. Not necessarily in a dramatic way though.

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