Carrier Pigeons

Okay. I didn’t really want to admit to this, but five months in I think it is time to call it quits.

I can’t send all the lovely postcards I bought for you friends and lovers. (Nor can I send the tax information vital for my loan status either, awesome.)

Why? you ask me. Well, that is an excellent question.

From what I can tell, this is because the U.S. has previously received bombs in printer cartridges through the mail. So they said fine, all other countries can’t send us anything larger than a printer cartridge. That’s fine and well, except Rwanda got really confused by this. And rather than, you know, buying a scale or something, the Rwandan post office said we just won’t send anything at all to the U.S.

This story makes sense, so I believe it. But it came to me via hear-say. I have exhausted internet research trying to figure out why the clerk at the post office told me there is an “embargo” against sending mail to the U.S. And ex-housemates who have returned to the U.S. had no better luck finding official notices.

Sorry guys. I can still receive letters though, and I do have an address for that purpose. If you are a kind enough soul to wish to send me something with no expectations of receiving your postcard in return, contact me and I can send you the address. I’ll be here ’till August.

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2 thoughts on “Carrier Pigeons

  1. mom says:

    Can I send you your loan payment statement? I believe it says your first payment is due in July……:)

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