My Students, post the second

Teaching quite possibly could be my favorite part of my days now. Seriously, these kids are great. And I need some humor in my life.

Well on Wednesday, I taught a lesson on writing postcards. Thursday was for letters. I graded these letters just for grammatical and spelling or blatant style errors, but didn’t actually mark up the letters so that they could actually send them. All letters were great, but there were some gems for sure.

For instance, I witnessed some good ol’ girl fights. Belize was the most popular girl, who sent a letter to Zaheza, but received letters from several girls in the class. Zaheza also sent a letter to Belize. It read:

“I want to be you Friend but you, [do]  you love me?” thank you?”

Or some kid, rather than saying “love… or sincerely…” wrote: “Person who love you, Marzi Aubin” I might need to re-use that one…

But my favorite by far was a letter to Sin Cara. Yes my friends, the WWE wrestler Sin Cara. This is the letter:

“Dear: Sin Cara, Hey Sin Cara I want to see you I love to much and I want to see you in the Television playing catch being WWE championship and I want to see you beating Alberto Del Rio and I want to ask you something: where do you live and where did you know to play catch because you have so much speed/ love you.” Note the lack of sentence structure. This kid was really, really, really excited to get to talk to Sin Cara, however real the conversation was or wasn’t.

Anyway, grading these was a blast. It is good to laugh every now and then.


One thought on “My Students, post the second

  1. Jane Ricks says:

    Kids are the original comics. I’m glad you found them.

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