The Fine Art of Caring (via Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files)

Faithful followers, I apologize for my absence. I am still alive, which I know is what you actually care about. So while I am still over here collecting my thoughts, I just wanted to let you know I live. Check out these well phrased thoughts while I continue to search my heart and mind, trying to make sense of it all.

Someone recently asked me what my vice was. At first the question took me off guard. I mean, I can’t very well tell the guy that I’m an alien overlord on the planet Chogoth and that under my cruel tyranny tens of millions of innocents have died. I tend to like to keep that kind of thing under wraps. So I hemmed and hawed for a minute before I came up with this gem: “I like watching scathing reviews of bad movies on the internet.” Which has the ad … Read More

via Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files

Don’t ever let anyone tell you your pain doesn’t matter. It matters a lot. To you. And if we are only capable of handling that much pain, then so be it.


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