Kids Rock

I’m getting ready to move to a different part of the world. But before I can move on, I have to finish up a bunch of things here. Like the report I was hired to do. Plus I get to spend three weeks as a film production assistant (awesome resume bolster!). And you, know, figure out where I’m staying and what I’ll be doing in three weeks. Nothing much really.

So I had to quit teaching before the term actually finished. I was not too excited to say goodbye, and neither were the kids.  One girl bought me a present. She had paid attention to what I wore for the last seven months (didn’t bother to listen to what I said, but she knows what every outfit and the accompanying accessories were.) and then shopped accordingly.  She comes up to me on Saturday and says, “You like purple don’t you?” I said well, yeah. She says, “I think you like the African style stuff too huh?” Yes of course. Then she hands me a bag, full of souvenirs you can find in the market, and some giant purple earrings. Best student ever. (JK, I did grade according to actual performance…)

Several girls also wrote me letters. Like Rebecca, who says:

“Please don’t go. If you go Please come in August 2011 you will go in USA in February 2012. God Bless you think you for teaching us have a good day and night to Hannah”

And Giselle:

“Good morning Hannah, I will miss you so much if you are go. Please don’t go it you are go in USA you will greet you Brother and your sister you Mother and your Father. Pleas come on october you will say to Kelly (a fellow teacher) hi hi. Good Luck and thank you very much to teach us thank you.”

I love the specific requests to stay until February. And the greetings sent to my family and Kelly. (Waz up guys! Giselle and I say hey…)

Notes like these make me enjoy teaching.


3 thoughts on “Kids Rock

  1. kandyce says:

    we can solve your ‘where to stay’ dilemma. 🙂 and it would help our ‘where to stay’ dilemma in 7 months from now.

  2. kandyce says:

    also, i love the image of your student going to the market and buying things for you. that’s adorable.

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