Roughly ten months ago I boarded a plane for the middle/east of Africa with just inklings of what I was going to do.

I learned so much more than I feel I accomplished. You have dutifully followed what I learned. But I have little solid evidence to show for what I accomplished. (partly because I do not feel that it is worthy of being shared, partly because it isn’t mine to share.)

But here is some solid evidence of what I did.

AWFRI invited celebrity photography Jeremy Cowart to come down to Rwanda and take a series of photos that chronicled the reconciliation stories. The AWFRI team in Rwanda and myself sought out potential interviewees and stories before their arrival. I then acted as translator/guide to the photography team once they arrived. I had a blast with this. (Jeremy and Andres, it was awesome hanging out with you and navigating the ever so understandable cross-cultural work experiences.)

I recorded the stories of the couples we met with, and helped Jeremy put captions to the photos. These images are now part of the “Stories of Reconciliation” series displayed at

Guys, I love being able to share some solid evidence of my time spent in Rwanda. Enjoy!

P.S. Jeremy also wrote his own take on his time in Rwanda and the experience of finding these stories. Check it out.

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