Hold On

An Open Letter to the Trees of Washington D.C.

My dearest vegetation,

You cannot begin to understand how much I care for you. And that is why I have to say what is written here.

Now I know it is unusual for a mere human to be advising Mother Earth. There are so many lessons mankind can learn from the plants and animals. And what I have to say is not a lesson I have fully embraced myself. Yet I beg of you to please heed my words. I love you. A lot. And I deeply want to see you succeed, prosper, and eventually return the goodwill to myself, and the other humans that take time to notice and appreciate you. Which is why I beg of you to be patient.

Oh sweethearts, hold on to your precious petals! It is not time to bloom. I understand that it seems safe now. You feel that the circumstances are ripe for you to reveal your true beauty. But don’t give up your buds so easily. I am aware of forces that you are not, and thus I know that now is not an okay time to blossom. You see, while the air has been so mild upon your branches, and the soil a warm, nourishing soil, there is still the possibility of a freeze. And if you cannot wait to show your face, it will be coated in ice and die. Please wait. Know that I want to see you so bad, oh I do. But I want to see you healthy, alive, and thriving. So I want you to wait a little longer to greet me. Keep sleeping, learning from the earth, and growing my dears. And once the earth moves a bit closer to the sun, it will be safe to fully emerge. Cherished ones please wait.

Until then,

Hannah Ricks and Jessica Rodgers

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4 thoughts on “Hold On

  1. Jane Ricks says:

    Beautiful message to trees but I can see its deeper message..

    • faithful says:

      Jane there’s many ways to see this and 1. You can look at it as a message from God to us his beloveds or 2. As a love letter from a guy to a girl who’s probably waiting and searching for him and growing frustrated (after alk its February so its easy to think about love!) And 3. The authors could tell us a different perspective! (Hope that kinda helps!) X

      • Hannah Ricks says:

        I do love that you guys are reading into this, but truly, it is just a note to the plants in this city. It has been an very warm winter and they are blooming now. And Jess and I just want them to stop! They will die next week if they don’t. 😦
        That’s all.
        But you do have some good ideas about alternative meanings there 😉

  2. faithful says:

    O M G! I love love love this! Gee, its soo deep I had yo re read it! Thanks you’re such an awesome writer!

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