One day I walked into the branch of my bank with a wad for cash in my hand. I wanted to deposit everything-I-owned-turned-into-money-by-the-beautiful-ability-of-craigslist-to-quickly-make-you-rich-and-free-of-all-material-goods.

“How can I help you today?” asked the extremely good looking young man at the counter.

“I’d like to deposit all of this,” I reply.

“Christmas bonus?” he asked.

“No, actually I’m moving to a new city next week. This is what used to be my furniture and car.”

“Oh that’s cool! Boy or job?”



“Yeaaah…” I trail off, trying to collect my thoughts. How do I respond? Because I want to? I could say. Because I hope to find better opportunities for myself… But his question makes me realize that this is a very risky thing to do that usually has some type of stability or security at the other end. Now I’m paranoid that this was a dumb decision. So I blurt out: “You are nationwide right?” I know they are, but its good to know that at least I can securely access my money.

“Yes we are.”

“That’s what I thought, just checking. Ok well have a good day,” I shout out as I run away. Because I don’t know what else to say and his obvious concern for my stability has reminded me of how unsettling my choice truly is. But that’s what I do.


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